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Workout Essentials

While we've been in quarantine, we've loved getting a good workout in to keep us motivated, healthy, and happy (get those endorphins!). We love doing either a Peloton spin or treadmill class, an MWHMethod flow, or Sculpt Society class (check out a previous blog post where we go into detail about the best virtual workouts!). Regardless of what workout we do, we always love to have cute and functional workout sets and gear. Here are the sets & gear we've been loving!

Sets: A cute and functional workout set can take your workout from good to great! Honestly, wearing a cute set is so motivating to workout and makes the workout even better. Here are our picks! (note: each item has various color options!)

Accessories: At-home workouts can be great, regardless if you have equipment or not. Here are some accessories that we love to add to our workout for an extra burn (especially for MHWMethod & Sculpt Society!)

  • Bala Bangles are the best for any sculpting workout (or just walking!) and they are totally worth the price and hype. We use them in basically every workout as either ankle weights or wrist weights. Because they are so popular, they are quickly back-ordered, but in our opinion, they are worth the wait.

  • For any mat/yoga class, the Lululemon 5mm mat is the best - it provides cushion to protect your knees and feet. Also, worth the price!

  • We also linked our favorite baseball cap from Alo Yoga because it is so cute (matches our Alo Yoga sets!) and it is perfect for walks on sunny days.

If you're looking for an intense sculpt class, check out Ingrid's 14 minute lower body sculpt class!

Most importantly, GET MOVING!


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