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What National BFF Day Means to us Sisters

Happy National BFF Day!! All friends are the BEST but a true best friend is one that knows you almost better than you know yourself. A best friend has seen you at your best and worst times and has lived through them with you. That is why today calls to celebrate your BFF who is always there for you through thick and thin.

For us, we can honestly say that we are best friends. No matter how any obstacles that life throws at us we have always been there for each other. Many times, people have wondered how a sibling can be your best friend. The truth is that with siblings, you are forced to be related, but not forced to be friends. Sibling friendships are true friends by choice. For us, we are sisters by chance and friends by choice. It basically is like having a lifelong sleepover with your best friend.

We have helped each other through our worst and best moments of life and guided each other to become better versions of ourselves. Friends will go and go throughout your life, but best friends will always stay. And remember, regardless what changes happen throughout life, keep those best friends close because they are worth keeping.

So what is a best friend? For us, it is basically all of the above. We can practically read each other's minds, we have strong opinions and we share them with each other, we are not afraid to say the truth to each other, even when it is harsh, we sometimes argue but we always resolve the arguments in the end, but most of all, best friends love each other no matter the circumstance. Remember to keep these best friends close.

In honor of National BFF day below are photos of us as BFFs all through out our life!! We got a good lol from seeing some of these pics :)


The Sisters

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