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Traveling with Dogs 101

Nothing is better than a beach day with a pup! We traveled with our two Malteses this summer to California & here is everything you need to know about traveling with your dog!

🤍 get a good dog carrier! 👜 We got the best WildOne carrier for each dog & they both had enough space to move around and sleep in. Plus, it's airport-approved. Did we also mention how cute it is? It's linked below.

🤍don’t let your dog on the sand (if they eat everything)! 🌊 When we went to the beach, we held our dogs on the sand the whole time because our dogs will eat anything & sand ingestion is really dangerous for dogs!

🤍 get them a long-lasting bone 🦴 - a lifesaver on the plane! Our dogs love the Himalayan dog bones.

🤍 get natural calming treats! 🍡WildOne has great treats that have naturally calming ingredients (like chamomile). Linked these treats below. They are also good for general calming even when you're not traveling.

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