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Top 5 Blog Posts of 2020

Happy 2021!

To celebrate the new year, we're sharing Simply Cosmopolitan's top 5 blog posts this past year. Each blog post is linked below.

Summer Must-Haves (a list of our favorite accessories, not just for summer!)

Current Obsessions: Quarantine Edition (list of all our obsessions, still relevant today!)

Holiday Gift Guide (the cutest gifts, now most are on sale! Celebrate the new year with some self care ;)

The Best At Home Workouts (still our favorite workouts, plus Sweat X Serve, obviously)

Grocery Haul (our favorite foods omg you need ALL of them, seriously)

Runner Ups:

Stay-at-Home Necessities (still a necessity for staying at home)

Morning Smoothie (still our fav! Check out our Instagram feed for another delish version)


Simply Cosmopolitan

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