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London Inspo: Purse + Scarf

As we were walking through the streets of London, in particularly Bond Street and in Piccadilly Circus, we got inspired to blog about the Purse + Scarf look. We LOVE purses as we believe they can spice up any outfit and really finish your look. When we travel, we always find it hard to pack different purses to match our different outfits as we can only pack so much. Because of this dilemma, we found a way to only bring one or two purses but make it look different with our different outfits. We do this by tying a neck scarf around our purses' straps in different ways. Below are some pictures of the ways we tie our scarves around our purses to change up are look.

Style #1:

  • Wrap neck scarf around entire strap of purse (works best with purses with one strap, but can be worn with 2 strap purses)

  • Great for changing up the purse's color to coordinate with your outfit

Style #2:

  • Tie a bow around the side of one strap

  • Works great with 1 or 2 strap purses

  • Preferably on bags with sturdy straps so the handles won't sag

Style #3:

  • Tie scarf around side of one strap

  • works great with any bag

  • This is a quick and easy style to do, especially for beginners

  • Make sure that the scarf and bag coordinate as much of the scarf is displayed

Check out similar purses and neck scarves below!!


The Sisters

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