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The London Guide

We visited London this year for spring break and we had a fabulous time! It was so fun to explore new places and revisit some locations from previous trips! We love how London is filled with the chic and modern lifestyle of today, while it is also known for its rich history and powerful monarchy. Here is a list of some of our favorite places to go in London for all types of travelers!


  • Kensington Palace – This is where Queen Victoria grew up! (you can tour some of her rooms). This is also where Prince Harry, Meghan Markle, Prince William and Kate Middleton live! (but you obviously cannot tour their quarters)

  • Buckingham Palace – Whether you schedule a tour for the summer or simply see the changing of the guards, Buckingham is a London staple.

  • Westminster Abbey – Whether you are religious or not, Westminster Abbey is a must see historical landmark where many scholars are buried, such as the Bronte sisters, Sir Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin and others. This is also where Prince William and Kate Middleton got married.

  • The London Eye – This is a tourist attraction that provides great views of the city.

  • The British Museum - Home to the Rosetta Stone. Make sure to visit this museum during the week days, as weekends tend to get very crowded.

  • The Victoria and Albert Museum – This museum is not as popular as the British Museum, however, it houses fantastic works of art, both modern and classic style.

  • Big Bend – The clock tower near Westminster Abbey. Great to snap a picture.

  • The Tower of London – Another must see sight in London.

  • The Royal Opera House – Any show in the Royal Opera House is fantastic. Before going to London, make sure to see if there is a show going on and book tickets in advance.

  • Hyde Park – Great for a walk to escape the city bustle.

  • Hampton Court – This castle is not located in London, however it is a short train ride away and it is defiantly worth visiting. It was home to King Henry VII and his six wives.

  • Windsor Castle – This castle is also not located in London but it is worth the train ride over. This is where Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were married.


  • The Diamond Jubilee Room in Fortnum and Mason – This is a classic spot in London for tea. When we were in London this spring break, we had tea in this gorgeous room and loved ever minute of it!! The teas are fantastic and the food is great (and can easily accommodate to any special diets/ allergies!!)

  • Sketch – We also went to tea at Sketch during our trip. Sketch is a more modern tea room but it is definitely worth going to! We loved going to both the Diamond Jubilee Room and Sketch to have both a classic and modern twist on the English tradition!!

  • The Sexy Fish – This is a famous fish restaurant in London that is delicious! Make sure to make reservations early as it is booked quickly!

  • By Chloe. – Ok, By Chloe. is in practically ALL our travel guides because it is SO amazing!!!! (Plus the European menu is a little different than the U.S menu!) By Chloe. is not fancy (you order before sitting) but it had great food and the restaurant is super cute and great for pics! (it always has the cutest signs!!)

  • The Balconies – This restaurant is located inside the Royal Opera House and is a great dining option before seeing a show. The food was delicious!! It is very formal so be sure to wear a fancy / formal outfit!

  • Granger and Co. – Granger and Co. is a simple restaurant that has many delicious and healthy options!! Many locals dine here.


  • Tommy Hilfiger – When we went to T.H, it had the TOMMYXGIGI collection and we were obsessed!

  • Hamily’s – This is a toy store in London. Although we do not buy toys anymore, it is a classic London staple and a great spot to buy gifts for small children.

  • Harrods – This is another classic London staple. Harrods is a huge department store that has basically EVERYTHING! It is definitely worth stopping by. Harrods also has a tea room (but we recommend booking the tea roomsof Sketch and / or the Diamond Jubilee Tea Room in Fortnum and Mason)

  • Selfridges – Selfridges is another huge department store that is great for shopping!

  • Bond Street – Bond Street is home to many stores and it is a great street to roam around and shop! (many of these stores are chains, rather than classic English brands)

We hope you find this list helpful!!


The Two Traveling Sisters

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