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The Best At-Home Workouts

Social distancing can become boring and tiresome, especially if you have nothing to do! We love a good home workout so here are some of the top at-home workouts (led by instructors!).

1. Megan Roup's The Sculpt Society - Even before we began social distancing, we have been OBSESSED with the Sculpt Society. Megan did a pop-up class in Austin, Texas and she has an amazing app where you can live stream any of her workouts! They are super intense but incredibly rewarding. Megan's classes are a mix of dance cardio, and sculpting. She has videos from 5 minutes to 55 minutes. Equipment is not required, but sliders, hand weights, ankle weights, a resistance band, and a pilates ball.

2. Melissa Wood Health - The MWH Method is a mix of yoga and pilates and specializes in lengthening and leaning out. We love her workouts, super intense and great for stretching out as well.

3. Outdoor Walks - While we all have so much extra time, we love taking a nice morning walk with our dogs in our neighborhood. (obviously, only take an outdoor walk if you have space!)

Most importantly, GET MOVING!


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