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Summer Must-Haves

Happy summer! Now that summer is officially here (for some!), here are a few of our essentials from pool floats, to Bala weights, and everything in between.


  • If you've followed us for a while, then you'll know we love Rachel Hollis's book, Girl, Stop Apologizing! Seriously, LIFE CHANGING!

  • We also just bought Danielle Bernstein's This is Not a Fashion Story and we cannot wait to start reading it. Perfect to read while tanning by the pool.

  • We also have a journal (linked below) which we love to write in before bed. So relaxing and helps us reflect.

  • We have a much longer and in depth blog post about our favorite books, so check it out here!

Skincare: Summer skin care is so important!

  • We love using the ColorScience tinted sunblock powder. It was recommended to us by our dermatologist and we've used it since forever.

  • We also use the Neutrogena Illuminating serum - it is amazing.

  • The Sephora Aloe mask is actually perfect for summer, especially if you get sunburnt!

  • Also, we recently started face rolling and using the Gua Sha - life changing. We use the Neutrogena serum before face rolling and they are the perfect combo.

Accessories: Here are a variety of accessories we've been loving.

  • The Alo hat is perfect to provide shade while walking or great to throw on when your hair is dirty (FINALLY, a baseball cap that is cute)

  • Ingrid is obsessed with these Quay sunglasses - they are perfect for any occasion.

  • Also, the shell headband? So cute. We don't have it yet, but we plan to buy it soon - so perfect for summer.

  • We have the Free People hair tie and it is so perfect to add to any ponytail to spice it up! Absolutely love.

Fitness: We wrote a longer blog post all about our favorite fitness gear (check it out here!), but here are a few of our fitness/health staples!

  • The Bala Bangles are a must! Worth the price.

  • The water bottle is actually the best - helps drink more water so much.

  • Ingrid is a certified yoga instructor and swears by this Lulu 5 mm mat. The best because it protects your knees. Looking for a good and quick sweat? Check out Ingrid's 14 Minute Lower Body Yoga Sculpt!

Poolside: We just purchased this Funboy float and we are so excited to use! While Funboy floats are on the pricy end, they are so worth it because of the great quality (and did we mention how instagrammable they are?!)

Most importantly, have a fabulous summer!


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