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Social Distancing Equals Self Care

With COVID-19 spreading at a dangerous rate, it is essential to practice social distancing. At first thought, many people don't know what to do when they are stuck in their homes. This is the perfect time for that much needed self care day you have been dreaming or planning about! Take advantage of this social distancing and focus on yourself, your health and wellbeing. Here are some ways we have been practicing self care during this time:

1) Facials and Face Masks

Take the time to use one of those face masks you have been waiting to use. Allow yourself to leave it on for the full duration and then moisturize after. If you don't have a face mask make your own! We love DIY vegan face masks from Sienna Bryon Bay. Below are some face masks we use:

2) Take a bath

Soak up the time taking a bubble bath and truly relaxing. Use essential oil bath salts or soap to get the full experience. Bring a book with you and just relax. Dr Teals's Pure Epsom Soaking Salt is our personal favorite.

3) Hair mask

Wash your hair and use a nourishing hair mask. Either stay in the shower or organize your closet while waiting. Hop back into the shower when time is up and your hair will be left nourished and super soft! Below are our favorites:

4) Blow dry your hair

Take time to fully blow dry your hair and relax! Below are our favorite blow drying products:

5) Yoga

Run through some yoga flows and feel rejuvenated immediately after. I will be posting some videos later this week of some of my favorite flows that are quick and energizing. Here's a couple of basic yoga supplies to get you started!

6) Baking!

As you may know by now, we love to bake paleo sweets, and we have been using this time to try all different types of recipes! We love using our Just the Good Stuff cookbook for the best healthy gluten-free recipes. We also love going to for even more amazing recipes! We just made Rachel's paleo cookie brownies and they are the best! Linked below are some of our favorite baking items to cook up a storm!



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