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Reading Guide: 18 Fiction & Non-Fiction Books to Add to Your Booklist

Social distancing has allowed us to have more time to read some new books and discover new authors. Here is a compilation of some of our current or past books (non-fiction & fiction) that we've loved! Also, the books are listed in no particular order.


  1. Girl, Stop Apologizing - a motivational book about how to set & achieve goals by Rachel Hollis (BEST author)

  2. Didn't See That Coming - how to get back up when life turns around (ie a pandemic!)

  3. This is Not a Fashion Story - a memoir and inspiring story on building a business by blogger Danielle Bernstein

  4. The Confidence Code - how to grow & project your confidence

  5. Break Your Own Rules - Motivational book to break out of "rules" society sets

  6. Girl, Wash Your Face - Rachel Hollis's first motivational book, all about breaking myths surrounding women

  7. The Confidence Effect - How a confidence boost can improve the rest of your life


  1. The Selection Series - Think the Bachelor meets Princess Diaries

Other books currently on our reading list:

  1. The Gifts of Imperfection

  2. Dare to Lead

  3. Feeling Good

  4. Feeling Great

  5. Becoming

  6. Body Love

  7. Grit

  8. The Influence Effect

  9. Work Party

  10. Big Magic

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