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Our Favorite Morning Routines

We are ALL the morning routines, whether it’s writing in our journal or getting a morning sweat sesh! While our routine changes depending on our schedules, some of our fav things to do in the AM are:

🤍 write in our 5 Minute Journal 📖- we’ve been doing this since the beginning of this year & it’s a simple gratitude practice every morning & night! The journal is linked below.

🤍 warm water with lemon 🍋- while we don’t have this every morning, the days we do, we feel much more hydrated & feeling healthy

🤍 workout 💪- while we’re off from school, we have more time to fit in a workout but during the school year, we’d get our workout done immediately in the am. A morning sweat sesh totally leaves you feeling accomplished & alert, whether it’s a vinyasa flow or spin class. Even a simple walk does the trick! (check out our blog post about how to SPICE UP your walk) Here are some of our fav workout accessories to get sweaty in style.

🤍 listening to a podcast 🎙 - when I get ready, I always listen to a podcast bc it helps you stay off ur phone & you can learn something interesting while getting ready! It also helps wake you up since your hearing voices BUT also minimizing the blue light. Some of our favorite podcasts are: Skinny Confidential Him & Her, The Blonde Files, Skimm'd from the Couch, & Life with Marianna.



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