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Our Favorite Cookbooks

If you follow us on Instagram, then you'll know we are almost always cooking or baking up a storm! While we create many of our own recipes, we also love to follow recipes from some of our favorite bakers/chefs/food bloggers. We are always on the hunt for a good cookbook, so we thought we'd share the cookbooks we loved so far.


  1. Just the Good Stuff

  2. Paleo Baking at Home

  3. Eat Clean, Play Dirty

  4. True Comfort

  5. The Suja Juice Solution (note: it's technically for a juice cleanse, but we just like it for its juice recipes!)

Food blogs:

  1. Rachel Mansfield's blog ( - mostly paleo, gluten-free, and vegan easy dessert recipes

  2. Paleo Running Momma - more gourmet paleo dessert recipes

  3. Love & Lemons - Simple, healthy recipes

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