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NYC Travel Guide 2018

This summer we visited to New York City in June for a week. We had a blast (as always)! We discovered so many new spots, cafes, restaurants, and shops that we previously had not been to (in all the times we have been to NYC). There is nothing quite like summer in NYC. Every night there is something different going on and the people are always moving and doing something. Ever since we were little we have grown up coming to NYC multiple times a year and our parents even bought a flat since we visit so often. NYC has something for everyone. It truly is a melting pot of cultures as you can't walk down the street without seeing a the Halal Guys food cart, an Italian spaghetti restaurant or a Japanese sushi restaurant.

If your able to visit NYC anytime soon, here are some of the places we recommend visiting (we already have an NYC travel guide posted from a previous trip, however, this list consists of some other NYC locations we went to on our trip this summer).

For our first day in NYC we went to breakfast at The Butcher's Daughter. The name can be very misleading as this cafe is a plant based restaurant that is 100% vegetarian. The breakfast was fantastic! We love the Smashed Avocado Toast and the Butcher's Pancakes (both vegan and gluten free, although we often add an egg on top of the toast for more protein!)

Another great breakfast stop is Bluestone Lane in the Upper East Side. The food is fabulous. We recommend the Classic Avocado Smash (if you can't tell, we love avocado toast!). Make sure to get a latte at Bluestone Lane (they put the cutest designs on them!) and order one of their delicious pastries.

Another must stop is the Flour Shop. Unfortunately, they do not have gluten free options for bakery items, but it is still a must stop because of all the cute decor!

If you stop by the Flour Shop, the Glossier Showroom is nearby, which is another must stop! The showroom is beautifully decorated and worth the long waits! (we arrived right as they opened so we had no wait!) We love Glossier products, but what makes Glossier special is their belief in self beauty and their acknowledgement that beauty cannot be defined.

After visiting Glossier, which is near both the Soho and Nolita area, we loved walking around and visiting other shops and boutiques. In the need for a quick pick-me-up in the Nolita area? We recommend going to Cha Cha Matcha. Cha Cha Matcha has amazing matcha drinks (both hot and cold) plus many yummy and healthy snacks and treats.

For more great shopping we recommend stopping by Greene Street in Soho. It has so many fabulous stores and is a great street to snap some pictures!

Another fabulous cafe to eat at is The Broken Coconut. It has so many healthy options and it has the cutest decor and bench for photos! We loved the food and atmosphere so much. It is located right next to the Washington Square Arch in the heart of NRight after we ate at the Broken Coconut, we stopped at La Colombe for a delicious latte. (definitely recommend stopping for a coffee). They are located right next door to each other.

Another health conscious restaurant that we love is By Chloe. By Chloe. is 100% vegan and plant based, but the food is fantastic! It is very casual, but it gets packed because locals and tourists alike love it! We love everything here, but we always seem to order the same plate: the Smashed Avocado Toast or the Avocado Pesto Pasta. We also love the fries (they are air baked!) and the desserts (we recommend the cupcakes!).

If you are looking for a upscale restaurant, we recommend making reservations at the Polo Bar. The Polo Bar has amazing food, but what we love most about the Polo Bar is the atmosphere. It was created by Ralph Lauren, and it is just as classy as the brand!

For us, The Metropolitan Museum is another must stop! When we visited the Met in June, they had the Heavenly Bodies exhibit and the Fashion and Catholic Imagination exhibit in the Anna Wintour Costume Center (we are currently working on a blog post all about the exhibit). These exhibits described and showed todays fashions inspired by heavenly bodies mixed with history about the catholic church, which was the theme for the 2018 Met Gala. If you visit the Met during the summer months, you are able to visit the roof top garden. It has breathtaking views, so it is perfect to grab a drink and snap some pictures.

We hope this guide is useful for your NYC travels!!


The Two Traveling Sisters

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