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New York City Travel Diary and Instagram Guide

We love NYC so much, we had to create a 3rd blog post on our fav new places! (Make sure to still check out the other NYC Guides, as they also contain other info/locations that are also must stop! We’re letting you know which spots are the most instagrammable, so pack your camera and get ready for our updated list of NYC hot spots! Make sure to check out our two previous New York City Travel Guides to see our other favorite spots.

Neighborhood: SoHo/NoHo

  • Cha Cha Matcha (Instagrammable spot)

  • Outdoor Voices (Instagrammable spot): Even though the OV headquarters are in Austin, this location is fun to visit too!

  • Coffee’n Clothes (Instagrammable spot): home of the famous designer lattes, this is a must-stop for any sophisticated Instagrammer!

  • Greene Street (Instagrammable spot): This street is a blogger's heaven! The most instagrammable street in NYC and amazing shopping!

  • The Egg Shop (Instagrammable spot): Delicious breakfast stop! We got the avocado toast (no surprise here). The Egg Shop and The Butcher’s Daughter (in another NYC guides) are super close, so if you are in the area check out both, but our personal favorite out of the two is the Butcher's Daughter.

  • Marc Jacobs on Green Street (Instagrammable spot): We love Marc Jacobs bags, but what we love most about this location is the pink building! It is PERFECT for Instagram pictures.

Neighborhood: Bryant Park/ 5th Avenue

  • By Chloe. (Instagrammable spot): 100% vegan, but non-vegans love it just the same. Our breakfast order: the avocado toast or the almond butter and banana toast (aka the AB&B toast) The iced coffee here is also amazing. Our lunch order: any of the burgers or salads as they are all delicious. Don’t forget the baked sweet potato fries and beet ketchup! Also, the cookies and cupcakes here are delicious! This is definitely an instagrammable spot! The food/restaurant decor is made for Instagram pictures and even the napkins are cute. Other locations: Yes! So many throughout New York, check out their website!

  • Saks 5th Avenue: Another one of our favorite stores. Definitely great shopping and even though there are other Saks around the country, this one is on 5th Avenue!

  • Le Pain Quotidian: Le Pain is a causal, laid back restaurant that we love for good breakfast. It is a French bakery-style restaurant and makes fresh bread every day. Perfect for any diet. Our breakfast order: The Bakers Breakfast with an egg and gluten-free bread. Our other favorite is the coconut yogurt parfait. Plus, a pot of coffee with almond milk, of course.

  • BareBurger: This is a super casual restaurant great for a quick lunch. Even though it is a ‘burger’ restaurant, it had plenty of vegan options, including the beyond burger. Our order: the beyond burger with dairy-free cheese, wrapped in lettuce with crispy brussels sprouts!

  • Covergirl NYC (Instagrammable spot): Even though we don’t use Cover Girl makeup, this shop is a must-stop for photos! So many cute photo booths and makeup counters! Go late at night to avoid crowds. Definitely an instagrammable spot.

  • Kellari Taverna - Delicious Greek Restaurant in Bryant Park area. We LOVE this place. (Also, random fact: Kellari was in Gossip Girl!)

Neighborhood: Chelsea/Meatpacking District/High Line

  • Catch NYC (Instagrammable spot) - We love going to Catch for lunch at their rooftop restaurant. The food is so delicious, and they offer a large range of food options from sushi, to burgers. Our lunch order: Sushi for appetizer and the beyond burger wrapped in lettuce. Catch is an instagrammable spot, especially the rooftop. Plus, it even has a photo booth that is perfect for keeping for memories. Note that the rooftop restaurant is only open during summer, but the indoor restaurant is still super cute and also has the best food.

  • DVF (Instagrammable spot): The DVF store in Chelsea is one of our must-stops always. First off, we love DVF clothing and secondly, it is super Instagram friendly! They have an art gallery that features paintings of some of the most powerful women in history. We absolutely love that!

  • Starbucks Reserve Roasters (instagrammable spot): This is not your regular Starbucks! There are only a few Starbucks Reserves in the world. We got an iced oat milk coffee and it was so good. They also have food and pastries. It is huge!

  • The Park (instagrammable spot): The Park is a casual lunch/dinner spot that we visited this trip after our sailboat outing since it was near the pier. It has an outdoor seating venue filled with plants and trees, creating a park-like feeling (hence the name). The food was good, we ordered the two different types of veggie burgers with a side salad and avocado. There weren't many options that could accommodate our food allergies, but if you have no dietary restrictions than this is a great place to come if you are in the neighborhood, especially if you are looking for an instagrammable spot. (Go early for good lighting)

Neighborhood: Madison Square Garden/Flatiron District/Union Square

  • Serra by Bieria (Instagrammable Spot): Serra by Bieria is a pop-up restaurant in Eataly this summer. We are unsure of its duration in NYC, but if you are visiting New York soon, it is worth checking to see if it is open and try to get reservations, as it gets packed!

  • Eataly (Instagrammable Spot): Eataly, again, is also only open during summer but it is worth checking to see the exact dates to see if it is still open during your trip. Eataly is basically just a huge market of Italian food but it is so fun to walk around and see all the different foods. There are numerous restaurants inside (other than Serra by Bieria) and all different types of food, from fish to pasta, to pizza.

  • Vince - Okay, we are being a bit biased here because Vince is one of our absolute favorite stores, but the Vince near the Flatiron District is so good! It is not huge, but has a great selection.

  • Ralph’s Coffee (Instagrammable Spot) - Ralph's Coffee is a coffee shop created by Ralph Lauren and it is basically the coffee shop of our dreams just because it is made by Ralph Lauren. It is connected to Club Morocco (major plus!) and you can get any coffee here! It is just fun to stop by, get a coffee, snap pictures, and go on your way!

  • Pressed Juicery - Even though Pressed Juicery is all over the world, literally whenever we see one on the street, we immediately stop.

  • The Smith (Instagrammable Spot)- love this restaurant for lunch or brunch! The salads are amazing!

Neighborhood: Washington Square Park/NYU Area

  • Cha Cha Matcha (Instagrammable spot) - if you have read our other NYC blog posts, then you know we love Cha Cha Matcha! We love the gf/df donuts, the vegan soft serve and the matcha lattes of course! The Lavender drink is a personal favorite.

  • Sweets By Chloe. (Instagrammable Spot)- Just think By Chloe. but with more vegan desserts! Even if you are not vegan, the desserts taste amazing and the shop is so cute!

  • Posh Pop Bakeshop (Instagrammable spot): 100% gluten-free bakery that is one of the best we have ever been to! Great dairy-free and vegan options as well. (We recommend the delicious cookies). The bakery is so cute and perfect for pictures!

Neighborhood: Upper East Side

  • By The Way Bakery - Gluten and Dairy-free bakery that we love. (Note that the Whole Foods in Bryant Park sells small slices of By The Way Bakery cakes!)

  • Candle 79 - Vegan restaurant with delicious food! We got the beyond burger with vegan cheese, and broccoli.

  • Candle Café (Instagrammable spot): Candle 79’s more casual sister restaurant. The lattes are dreamy and the brunch is great!

The Metropolitan Museum of Art (Instagrammable spot): the MET museum is a must stop, even if you usually are not a museum person. Make sure to take a pic on the steps of the MET or on the rooftop if you are visiting during the summer.

  • Bloomingdales: One of our fav shopping stops!

  • Petaluma - A classic Italian restaurant able to make substitutions to our dietary restrictions. Our favorite dish is the gluten-free and vegan pizza.

Neighborhood: Lincoln Center Area

  • Opera / Ballet at the Lincoln Center: We love the Opera so whenever we are in NYC, we love to have dinner at the Grand Tier (restaurant in the opera).

  • Cafe Firorello - Delicious Italian restaurant across from the Lincoln Center. Gf pasta and pizza available. Our order: gf/df seafood pasta, obviously!

Let us know which locations you love best!


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