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WOW... where do we begin?! This museum is literally the COOLEST PLACE EVER!!! We are so so so obsessed and we could go there a thousands times and never get bored!!

WHAT: This museum is everything ICE CREAM!! But don't worry, they have food for everyone!! At the San Fran location, we were given ice cream cones, cotton candy, pop rocks, popsicles, mochi and more ice cream!! Not only is the food great, but also the atmosphere is so much fun!! The entire museum is so photogenic and the problem is having TOO many great pics!

WHERE: The museum is currently in San Francisco, Miami, and Los Angeles!! If you are heading to one of these cities, buy the tickets online because they sell out SO fast and you don't want to miss out!!

Overall, this is a must stop in SAN FRANCISCO!! IT WAS SO MUCH FUN!!!

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The Sisters

p.s here are some of our pics below to show y'all how cool this place is!! Let us know what you think of it!!

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