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How to Get Museum of Ice Cream Tickets

We are still in awe that we were able to go to the Museum of Ice Cream (MOIC). The tickets are always sold out way in advanced and we are so lucky we snagged them at the right time. Many people keep asking us how we were able to buy tickets when they easily get sold out. Here is the secret to getting tickets to MOIC. So, we subscribed to their email list way back in December when we still did not really know what we were going to do for spring break. We subscribed because this way they would inform us of new locations and new extensions of ticket dates. So, just a few days before we left for San Francisco, we got an email that they were going to drop new tickets on a specific date and time. We literally set a notification on our phones10 minutes before the release time just so that we would already be on the webpage ready to buy our tickets. And, so there you go, that was how we snagged our tickets!!

Our advice - subscribe to the MOIC email list, even if you aren't going to go anytime soon, you will still be informed on new locations and extensions! And follow them on Instagram too to be alerted for extensions as well.

Hope this helps!! If you need any other help with getting tickets, contact us!!


The Sisters

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