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How to Prepare for the School Year

Can you believe it is already August? Every summer seems shorter than the previous year. August means starting the new school year and going back to a normal schedule. Although annoying that summer is ending, it is vital to start thinking and preparing about the new school year. This not only means prepare physically for school like buying required textbooks, etc. But also preparing mentally.

Below are a few tips that I (Ingrid) did every summer in high school and am still doing to prepare for my first semester of college this fall!

- The first thing I do is to reorganize my desk and clean out my binders from the previous year. I save notes that could come in handy and throw away materials I don't need.

- Next, I set a yearly goal and write it on my wipe board right next to my desk. This helps set the mantra of the year and makes me realize that the year is a marathon, not a sprint.

- I also buy my agenda early so that I can start adding important dates in it such as school holidays, final days, etc. Isabella and I buy our agendas from Plum Paper, where we customize our planners with everything from our name to adding our schedules, and more!

- Once I receive my finalized class schedule I use either Coursicle (website and app) or Pocket Schedule Planner (app) to create a color coded digital schedule. I keep a digital copy on my phone so I can always have it handy. I also print out several copies and keep one in my agenda, in my desk, and in my car.

- In mid August, I (try to!) go back to my normal school sleeping schedule. It is hard at first, but gets easier within a few days and definitely makes getting up for school easier.

- I get any paperwork done and sent out! I hate procrastinating and waiting for the last minute so it is better to get any paperwork pertaining to school, clubs, classes, etc. done! It feels amazing to check it off your to-do list.

Getting back into the school mode is hard after a fun summer full of vacation but with some patience and commitment you will definitely be on track to starting the new school year the right way!

Below we linked some of our must haves for starting the school year on the right foot!



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