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Grocery Haul!

If you know us, then you know how passionate we are about food! Since we are gluten-free and dairy-free because of food sensitivities, it can be hard to find different types of food that we like. Since we are passionate foodies, we've tried almost all of the different food brands that have GF/DF snacks. Whenever people ask us for a snack recommendation, they get this really long list (if you know, you know!). We decided to compile all of our favorites, into one Grocery Haul blog post!

Note about labels: while many of the foods in this list are labeled as paleo, keto, or some other type of diet, we want to make sure you know that we are not advocating to go on any type of diet! We just want to share a list of some of our favorite snacks, that also happen to fall under certain categories!

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Highlights of why we love each:

(Since there are so many food brands in this post, we're only highlighting a few brands)

  • Siete Foods - Siete foods are all paleo & made with almond flour, cassava flour, or other grain-free mixes. The chips & tortillas are the best! (Fun Fact: Siete was founded in Austin!)

  • Birch Benders - We love Birch Benders paleo pancake mix! It's so easy to use, just add water! We also love their paleo toaster waffles (not pictured, but should be linked with the mix)

  • BHU Keto Cookie Dough - We recently bought their cookie dough bites, and it's our new obsession!

  • Barnanas - WOW. We are obsessed. The Sea salt and apple cider vinegar flavor is our favorite.

  • Vital Proteins - If you follow us on Instagram, then you'll know we have a Vital Proteins drink almost every day! Sometimes we'll opt for their matcha collagen. but our latest obsession is their blueberry moon milk latte. We used to never be able to fall asleep, but this drink helped so much!

  • O'Dough's Bagels - We honestly don't know what we would do without these bagels! We have one almost every morning with some dairy-free Kitehill cream cheese.

  • Nut Pods - This is seriously the best creamer we've ever had. It's dairy-free and there are no artificial ingredients. They are small bottles though, so you can buy one to try (we guarantee you'll love it!), or buy a larger package.

  • Rx Bar Oatmeal - This is a staple in our family. These oatmeal packets are the best breakfast if you're in a rush! They are delicious (the maple is our fav) & are a perfectly balanced breakfast!

  • Simple Mills - If you know us, then you have definitely heard us mention Simple Mills products before. Simply put, they are the best!

Shop them ALL below:

Let us know which ones you LOVE!


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