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Dinner ootds!

Here is an outfit post for our dinner outfits from last week!!

We loved these looks so much because they were actually really easy to put together and the pieces are really versatile!

Ingrid is wearing the cutest boat neck long sleeve tee and a simple jean skirt. The Beaded by Meg necklace really spices up the look! It is called the Evil Eye Choker! It is definitely a must buy because it is perfect for any summer outfit! (Use code INGRID15 for 15% Beaded by Meg!) Also, lets talk about her sunglasses!! They are High Key Quay sunnies and they look fabulous! Here are similar pieces below for this look!!


Ok, so Isabella is wearing a really simple but cute outfit. She's wearing a plain V neck blouse with our literal favorite necklace from SoFlo Jewels!! It is the Gold Set and it is worth every penny! (use code INGRID15 for 15% off SoFLo!!) she also has the cutest cutoff white jeans from Joes Jeans and a bright pink Longchamp purse! The pieces are below!

We hope these outfits can inspire ya'll to find your PERFECT style!! Let us know what you think / what you want us to post more of my contacting us!!


The Sisters

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