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Daily Life in León, Spain

I have been in Leon for a little more than 2 weeks now, and it has been such a fun adventure every day! I try to explore new locations, while managing school and homework during the day. Here is the breakdown of a normal week day in León! A normal week day consists of waking up, getting ready for the day, and heading to a local café for breakfast. So far my go to breakfast meal is tortilla, orange juice, and expresso to kick start my day! During midday breaks I often head to either another local café for a snack or the grocery store! Being gluten free in a foreign country is often very difficult, but I found some great places that have delicious gluten free options! Lunch in Spain is customarily in the afternoon, so we have lunch at 2 pm. Originally it was hard to adjust to this difference in time, but having a good breakfast and midday snack work perfectly with the schedule. Dinner time in Spain is typically late in the evening. I normally have dinner at 9 pm, which for Spaniards is early! The kitchens in restaurants typically don't even open for dinner until 8:30. Instead, they have tapas with their family and friends while waiting for dinner. Because Spaniards eat so late, they typically go to bed late as well. Lately, I have been embracing the culture and going to sleep around 12:30 am and then I wake up around 9 and start the day over again!

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