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Current Favorites

Happy Friday! We hope everyone had an amazing week! Linked here are some of our favorite items for this week's love list! Click the + sign to shop the individual items or shop them all below.

Here's why we love each item:

  • Levi Skirt: This classic Levi jean skirt is a staple item for summer. Available in white, light denim, and dark denim. Only $29!

  • Quay Sunglasses: Obsessed with this simple and sophisticated sunglass style.

  • Shell earrings: Super cute for summer. Only $11 from Nordstrom's!

  • Sakara Life Cookbook: Plant-based cookbook from the creators of Sakara. The healthiest & yummiest recipes!

  • Black Dress: Simple & classy black summer dress.... only $23 from Nordstrom's

  • Apple Watch: We love using our apple watches to track our workouts, walks, and to encourage us to stay active!

  • Bala Bangles: We often talk about how much we love our Bala bangles! They are perfect for any workout.

  • Pink heels: The cutest & classiest style. Under $50!


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