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Happy Friday! We can't believe it is already the weekend! As always, here is our weekly love list! Shop each item by clicking the + sign.

Here's why we love each item:

  1. Day Designer Planner - we love this planner! We bought the academic daily style. Day Designer is our favorite planner brand so far.

  2. Yeti Mug - We absolutely love these mugs. We use them around the house for both hot & cold beverages. Definitely worth it!

  3. Ray-Ban Sunglasses - These sunglasses are a staple style for us. We've had them fr the past 4+ years. They are just a perfect accessory to throw on with any outfit. We have the polarized style to protect our eyes.

  4. Rose Cuticle Oil - We just bought this exact cuticle oil and we love it! Super easy to use & cute bottle.

  5. WeWoreWhat Bikini - We love the blog WeWoreWhat and we love the clothes from Shop WeWoreWhat. We found this swimsuit from WWW on mega sale, even though this exact style is still full price on their website.

  6. Face Roller - We do this every morning!

  7. Alo Yoga Sports Bra - We're obsessed with this style. So chic & functional. It's a top seller on our blog!

  8. Glossier Duo - the best duo on sale! We're obsessed with both. They are amazing & very natural.

  9. Blue Light Blocking Quay Sunglasses - We just bought these & we are desperately waiting for them! We can't wait to use them. Since we've been on our computers more than usual, these are a necessity.

  10. Melsy's Illustration's Mug - If you follow us on Instagram, then you've definitely seen this cup on our stories. It's the cutest! She has a bunch more designs & sketches online. Check out her store & support her small business!

Let us know which items you love!


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