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Cancún, Mexico Travel Guide

We kicked off summer 2019 with a trip to Cancún, Mexico! It was the perfect trip to celebrate graduation and all the hard work we put into our academics! We had such an amazing trip enjoying the beach and learning about the Mayan culture.

Here is a list of our favorite things to do in Cancún!


- Chichén Itzá - Here you can explore the Mayan ruins and learn about the Mayan culture. The entire trip took about one full day for us. Many people go to explore by themselves, but we really recommend getting a tour guide so you can fully learn about the culture and the hidden details in the ruins. Make sure to bring enough water, a hat, and sunscreen! Over the summer, it was extremely hot.

- Visit the beach - Obviously, when traveling to Cancún, everyone visits the beach! The water is a beautiful aqua color and the weather is fabulous.

Food / restaurants:

- Ceviche - The ceviche we had was amazing! It tasted so fresh and the perfect beachside meal.

Ceviche from our hotel

- Green Juice - At our hotel, they had the best house made green juice ever! We recommend getting a fresh juice while you're in Cancún as most of the restaurants we went to had fresh juices.

- Hostería del Marqués - This the delicious restaurant we ate at on our way back from Chichén Itzá. Hostería del Marqués is both a hotel and restaurant, however, we only stopped for a late lunch. The decor is gorgeous and the food was amazing! We definitely recommend stopping by for lunch or dinner. We loved how they made both the guacamole and the salsa right in front of us. For lunch, we ordered guacamole, salsa, ceviche, and fresh green juices.

Ceviche from Hostería del Marqués

- Virgin Piña Coladas and Virgin Strawberry Daiquiris - The hotel offered so many virgin drink options that were delicious and even dairy free! It was so fun to have these delicious drinks on the beach.

- At our hotel, the restaurant Casitas had the most delicious dinner plates. One of our favorite dishes was the angel hair (gluten free!) pasta with fresh seafood (shrimp, scallops, and octopus) on top. We loved how the restaurant easily accommodated to our food allergies (gluten and dairy free) and that we still could get a delicious dish!

Where to stay + shop:

- The Zona Hotelera is in Cancún that has a bunch of hotels and our hotel was located there as well. The Zona Hotelera is close to a huge shopping center called La Boutique Palacio that has plenty of stores from Zara to Gucci. We definitely recommend shopping here!

- We stayed at the Ritz Carlton Cancún. We absolutely loved this hotel.

We hope this travel guide is helpful for your next trip to Cancún! (Don't forget to pack a camera and take pictures to document your travels!)


The Sisters

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