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Blended Iced Latte

We recently decided to spice up our normal morning coffee with a blended iced latte, and it is delicious! Now that the weather is getting hotter, iced coffee has never tasted better. Plus, we added some chocolate protein powder and collagen to make this the perfect morning beverage.

Here are the details! The serving size is for two, but you can adjust!


  • 1/4 scoop vegan protein powder (our favorite is linked below)

  • 1 scoop vanilla collagen

  • dash of maple syrup

  • cup of espresso or coffee (just fill your mug with desired amount of coffee)

  • handful of ice

  • Almond milk


  • pour your mug of coffee/espresso into the blender

  • add all ingredients other than the ice and almond milk

  • blend well.

  • Add the ice & almond milk to your cup

  • Pour the coffee into your cup

Here is what you need to make this iced latte:


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