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Best Dairy-Free Ice Cream in Austin, Texas

Nothing says summer like a melting ice cream cone in hand! Here are a few of our fav places to get dairy-free ice cream in ATX:

🤍 Gati - we are OBSESSED with their coconut-based ice cream & gluten-free cones! Our favorite flavors are the Cookie Monster & mint chip. Plus, their donuts and cinnamon rolls (also gf and df) are to die for. We love supporting this local Austin female-run business, and tbh, it isn't hard bc the desserts are too good!

🤍 Nada Moo Scoop Shop - we also love the dairy-free ice cream from Nadamoo & visiting their location in South Lamar. They also have gluten-free cones. We love their rocky road flavor, it has marshmallows in it!

🤍 Van Leeuwen Vegan Ice cream - not a physical location in Austin but available at many grocery stores (ie HEB) & it’s some of the best df ice cream we’ve had! It's so creamy & light. FYI, they are opening a location in Houston (Rice Village), so if you're ever in Houston, you should definitely stop by.

Hope you enjoy!


Simply Cosmopolitan

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