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5 Go-To Pilates Workout Moves

As certified fitness instructors in different disciplines (Ingrid is a Yoga Sculpt Instructor and Isabella is a Pilates Instructor), we love to add in intense & effective workout moves to our classes to get that extra burn! (We teach live Zoom classes for our Nonprofit, Sweat X Serve!) Our classes each week are different and unique and we always are adding and changing our format to keep our participants on their toes & to feel the burn during those extra pulses! Here are 5 of my (Isabella's) go-to Pilates moves that are low-impact but high-intensity that will break a sweat & leave you feeling strong!

1. The Move: Inverted Vs

A fan-favorite (love/hate relationship lol) during my SxS classes, an inverted V sequence always leaves your glutes & core feeling sore but strong. Come into table-top pose, keep your core engaged, lift your right leg up, point your toes, and drop to the right, lift, drop to the left (creating an "inverted V" with your lifted leg). Do 20 reps on each side, pulse @ top for10 seconds, and repeat on the left.

2. The Move: Side Plank

A killer full-body move. Simple & effective! Start in a forearm plank or regular plank and transfer your weight onto your right forearm/hand, turning on to your right side body, still holding a plank. Either stack your feet one on top of the other or place your top foot a few inches forward. Hold for 30 seconds, pulse for 30 seconds, lifting your hips just one inch up and down. Switch sides. (Extra credit: hold a 30-second plank in between sides, without dropping!)

3. The Move: Hip Lifts

Another glute burner! Start by laying on your back, keeping your feet a little more than palms distance from your glutes. Slowly lift your upper back, lower back, and finally, hips from the mat, pressing your triceps into the ground. Lower and lift your hips for 20 reps, pulse at the top for 20, hold for 20. Extra credit option to use a booty band above your knees (see picture) and pulse out and in (you'll feel it in your inner/outer thighs).

4. The Move: Donkey Kicks

Similar to inverted Vs above, this sculpting move gets every muscle in your leg & keeps you strong! Come into tabletop pose, lift your right leg, bending at the knee, keeping your foot flexed. Lower your knee to the ground, and repeat for 20 reps. Pulse for 20 at the top, hold for 20. Repeat on left side.

5. The Move: Sumo Squats

For a final glute burner, try these sumo squats! Come to standing on your mat, spreading your feet out wide, with your toes pointed outwards. Keep your hands in prayer or out towards each side. Lower as low as you can and lift, squeezing your glutes at the top. Repeat for 20 reps, pulse for 20, hold at the lowest point for 20 seconds.

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