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4 of the Best Local Austin Eateries

The COVID-19 pandemic has altered many of our everyday life patterns. Going to restaurants is a thing of the past for many, and food delivery is the new normal. Yet, even in this chaos, it is still vital to support local Austin businesses. There are so many delicious restaurants in Austin that are only a drive or a delivery phone call away. Today, I'm spotlighting a few of my favorite local restaurants, eateries, and cafés.

Citizen Eatery

  • Citizen Eatery is a 100% vegan restaurant in Austin, Texas, with a fantastic menu of many food options. It is committed to plant-based eating and sustainability. Citizen is located on Burnet and offers both pickup and delivery.

Galaxy Cafe

  • Galaxy Cafe is a locally owned and operated restaurant. They offer a variety of different foods and a gluten-free menu. Their options range from delicious burritos to grilled salmon plates. There are three locations in Austin.

People's Pharmacy

  • People's Pharmacy is a small pharmacy and grocery store that offers smoothies, fresh coffee, tacos, and delicious baked goods. Their deli supports local and sustainable farmers and strives to use clean and healthy ingredients as they strongly believe in a holistic approach to health and wellness. They have two locations in Austin.

Blenders and Bowls

  • Blenders and Bowls is a locally owned and female-operated smoothie cafe. They began as a food truck and have grown exponentially since. There are now 5 locations spread throughout Austin.

P.S: This article was originally published in the Austin City Lifestyle website by Isabella, who is an author for the online publication. Check out her profile and articles here!

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