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The Sister Update: July Edition

We just got back from NYC (blogs about NYC coming real soon) and it has been quite hectic around here. Isabella will be leaving Thursday for Spain for the entire month of July. We thought she was leaving on June 29th but we realized this morning (June 27th) that she is actually leaving Thursday (June 28th) bright and early in the morning!! Glad we realized this major detail as she was not even close to being finished packing! Ever since we found this out, Isabella has been frantically packing making sure she has everything she needs for her exciting adventure. She will be studying Spanish in Leon, Spain and on the weekends she will take small trips to surrounding cities and towns.

Ingrid will not be going to Spain (she did the same trip 2 years ago when she was Isabella's age) and instead she will be traveling around the US all while balancing her internship in Austin.

We have a ton of exciting things coming to all you readers this July with updates from Isabella's Spain adventures and from Ingrid's domestic travels.

It will be very hard for us sisters to be separated for an entire month as we are used to traveling and doing everything together! When Ingrid did this program two years ago, she had a fabulous time and truly felt comfortable speaking Spanish afterwards. Although it will be tough for us, we know this experience is one for a lifetime!

But not to worry!! We will be face timing and texting each other quite often!

You can follow Isabella's adventure with her hashtag: #isainspain and Ingrid's domestic adventures will be captured with her #ingridinjuly hashtag!

Thank you so much for your patience and more blog posts will be coming up soon!!

Thank you all for your unconditional support for our blog!!


The Sisters

Ingrid & Isabella

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