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San Francisco City Guide pt 2 !!

Spring Break Guide #4 - SAN FRANCISCO !!

If you haven't noticed, we love California so much and we always will have a soft spot for San Francisco since it is almost like our home away from home! We already have a city guide for San Fran (check it out under the Voyages!) but we decided to update it with some of our (new!) obsessions!!


  • Greens Restaurant - This eatery is a nice, formal, and very healthy option for anyone, especially vegetarians and vegans. To be honest, we simply love coming here for the panoramic views of the bay.

  • Straw - Straw is basically the opposite of Greens, but we love it just the same. It is a causal and laid back eatery that has delicious comfort foods such as waffles, donuts and more.

  • Shizen Vegan Sushi Restaurant - vegan sushi restaurant. The sushi is delicious and the venue is so cute!

  • Blue Barn - farm to table restaurant where everything is fresh and healthy!

  • Jane - delicious food!! the best avocado toast!!

  • The Plant Organic Cafe - delicious paleo restaurant where the food is all organic!

  • As Quoted - This cute restaurant has the best healthy foods from yummy avo toast to green smoothies to huge salads. Plus, their lattes all have hearts on them! Very instagramable ;)

  • Green Heart Foods - GHF has everything bowls! Their bowls are delicious and range from sweet to salty and everything in between! For us, it's a must stop.

  • Lemonade - The classic California restaurant is in San Fran!! It is so delicious and a must stop for us when we visit Cali.

  • Project Juice- So yummy and great for a quick pick me up when you need energy in this city!! We love the D- Tox and the Turmeric Lemonade, but we are dying to try the Mint Chip Shake (its dairy free and looks amazing!!)

  • Pressed Juicery / Freeze - The best and most amazing desserts ever!!! The Freeze is literally only made of fruits but it is ahhhmazing!!!! This is a MUST STOP! They have locations all over the city.

Things to do:

- shopping in Union Square- Because we can always use some extra clothes, right?

- Legion of Honor Fine Arts Museum

- Museum of Ice Cream - The BEST!! Get more info from out blog post all about it!! :)

- Gap - For a limited time they have the coolest photo booth!! You have to check it out for yourself!!

- Uniqlo - Cute store with a photo both and video maker, because we must get all the pics we can ;)



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