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The BEST food for travel!!!

Whenever we travel we can NEVER find good airport food and we either spend hours looking for a decent snack or settle for the bland trail mixes of the airport stands. So, we began to bring yummy and easy to carry foods on their airplane. It is also great to bring snacks when traveling in airports, especially if you have food allergies or if you want to eat healthy. Here is the list which is all available on !


  • dried fruit like banana chips

  • any GOOD trail mix with some chocolate or pretzels or spice to mix it up!! We recommend KIND Granola

  • granola- but make sure it is good. Our fav is made of cashews, chia seeds, coconut slices, and dried cranberries. That's it!!

  • for crackers we always get Flackers. They are made with only 3 ingredients: Organic Flax Seeds, Organic Apple Cider Vinegar and Sea Salt. Delicious and VERY healthy!

  • fruits are also really good to bring on trips!! For road trips it is the best and for plane travel you can bring it too in a plastic container. We like to bring our own fruit sometimes because the fruit in the airport is usually not organic and doesn't look appetizing!


  • It is usually hard to bring a real meal on the airplane, so we usually bring a big bag of the snacks above. Sometimes you might be able to find a good healthy or delicious restaurant in the airport!!

  • for longer flights we bring protein bars that are meal replacements

  • we recommend Think Thin bars, RX bars, and Health Warrior bars (all available on Amazon)


  • For Road trips we love to bring refreshing drinks like Kombucha or Apple Cider Vinegar and obviously water!!

  • our favorite Kombucha brands are: Holy Kombucha, Health Ade Kombucha, and GT's Kombucha

  • In their airport, you can't bring your own drinks but we always pack an empty water bottle for refills and sometimes our fav matching Corkcicle tumblers.

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