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Palo Alto Guide

Palo Alto is our second home. Literally! When we were smaller, we would spend months in Palo Alto and we have grown to love it and know A LOT about it!! Here is a list of all our favorite things to do in this amazing town!!!


✮ Oren's Hummus Shop- This is a small restaurant on University Avenue that is sooo delicious. It specializes in authentic Israeli food. It is small, and pretty casual but a great places for an informal dinner!! It gets really packed since it is so good, so make sure to make reservations!!

✮ Mediterranean Wraps- This is by far our favorite restaurant in Palo Alto!! Again, this is a tiny restaurant that is very casual but also very famous!!! We always stop here for a quick lunch!! The lines get very long during weekday lunch hour, so come over the weekend or for a late lunch!!

✮ Max's Opera Cafe- This restaurant is located in the Stanford Shopping Center and is a great place to take a break from shopping! It is a regular restaurant but is very flexible with accommodating to any food allergies (since we have A LOT!!!)

✮ True Food Kitchen- True Food is all across the United States, but it really is one of the best places EVER!! It is located in the Stanford Shopping Center. 

✮ Nobu- There is seriously no place like Nobu. It is definitely one of the BEST Japanese restaurants in the world!! It has locations in all major cities in the world from Milan, to Budapest to Miami, and Palo Alto is one of the luckiest cities to have Nobu. This is a must stop restaurant!!

✮ Crepevine- This restaurant has crepes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert!! It is an average restaurant, but we recommend coming here if you like crepes, if not, you can skip Crepevine. It is located on University avenue.

✮ Hobee's- DELICIOUS!! Hobee's is a small, very casual breakfast dinner in Palo Alto that seriously is the best. It is local to the Silicon Valley area. We love to come here for any meal to get quick delicious food!! A total classic!

✮ Sushi House- Another sushi restaurant, because this one is also so good!! We ordered a bunch of sushi and we ate every last piece!! This is a more casual Sushi restaurant that Nobu, and it is located in the Town and Country Village across the street from Stanford University. 

✮ PokéLOVE- Make your own poke bowl? Umm, yes!! We LOVE poke bowls because it is a cross of our two favorite foods- sushi and salads!! PokéLOVE is a Chipotle style restaurant, that allows you to pick the base, seafood, and toppings on your poke bowl. It is also located in the Town and Country Village. 

✮ Sprinkles- Even though Sprinkles is across the country, you always have space for a cupcake!!

✮ Creme- Creme is a make your own ice cream sandwich dessert shop that is so good!!


✮ Stanford Shopping Center- Great shopping!! We love coming here to shop and we literally spend an entire day here!! There is a Bloomingdales (which is one of our fav department stores!!), Nordstroms, and a bunch of other shops!! 

✮Town and Country Village- When we first came to Town and Country Village we had no idea how good the shopping was! It is a hidden gem!! There are adorable boutiques and popular stores such as Brandy Melville, Jarbo and more!!!

✮ University Avenue- University Avenue is a street loaded with restaurants and small stores, that is right across the street from Stanford. 

✮ California Avenue- California Avenue is very similar to University Avenue since it has a bunch of restaurants and shops.

✮Stanford University- This is an obvious must stop!! The iconic campus is gorgeous!! Make sure to stop by the Stanford Equestrian Center to check out the beautiful horses!

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