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Gluten Free Cupcakes in Cali!!

We LOVE sweets and we have an even sweeter tooth for CUPCAKES!

When we travel to California, we always get cupcakes from various bakeries, including the famous and well known bakeries, Kara's Cupcakes and Sprinkles. Kara's Cupcakes is located throughout Northern California. The bakeries are small but cute and they have SOOOO many delicious cupcakes!! Whenever we are in San Fran, Napa or in Palo Alto we always stop here for cupcakes. Sprinkles is another cupcake bakery, that is also amazing! Although it was started in SoCal, it is now all across US, and is very famous for their cupcake ATMs. We have been to the Sprinkles in NYC, Atlanta, Georgetown, the new one in ATX and the one here in Palo Alto many times as well.

Today we were trying to decide where to go for a delicious dessert and we thought why not go to both of our favorite cupcake places and compare!! So we went to both Kara's Cupcakes and Sprinkles to see which is our absolute FAV!!!!

We first went to Kara's Cupcakes in Palo Alto in the Town and Country Village shopping center (it has GREAT shopping btw) to taste their cupcakes. We wished we could have tried the other cupcakes but being gluten free, we got the mini cupcakes: chocolate sweet, chocolate coconut, and chocolate velvet. Kara's has other gf flavors, but we love chocolate so we all got those. They were great! The cake was great, but it was a little dry and tasted like something that you could make in your oven. The icing was definitely the best part. It was delicious and was very rich in chocolate!! Overall, the icing was great, but the gluten free cake was okay. We did like how Kara's had different flavors and different sizes of gluten free cupcakes.

After Kara's, we went to Sprinkles in the Stanford Shopping Center. The line was long but we knew it would be worth it. Unfortunately, they only had one type of gluten free cupcake but luckily it was red velvet, which we love! After one bite we fell back in LOVE with Sprinkles! The cake was delicious and SOOO moist and definitely did NOT taste gluten free. Overall, we loved Sprinkle's gluten free cupcake because of the great cake and icing. We only wished they had different gluten free flavors and sizes.

After we finished the cupcakes, we both agreed that Sprinkles was the best!

In our opinion, Sprinkles beat Kara's cupcakes for having the best gluten free cupcakes.

Here are some pictures of our cupcake filled day....!!!

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