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Nespresso Cafe

We are in San Fransisco right now and when we heard that Nespresso has one of its flagship boutique and cafes we, of course, knew we had to stop!!

There are only a handful of Nespresso Cafes in the US and San Francisco is one of the lucky cities that has one. There is truly nothing like the espresso made from Nespresso-- its perfect! That's why our family owns a Nespresso Machine for each floor of our house!!!

We love our Nespresso machines so we just had to go to the cafe.

We sat at the coffee bar, and the baristas made the coffee's and hot chocolate's right in front of us!!

This cafe is definitely not your average coffee shop!

We recommend the Carmelizo iced coffee, the hot chocolate and the chocolate coffee.

You can never go wrong with Nespresso coffee because all the flavors are simply delicious!!

In addition to the cafe, there is also a Nespresso boutique, where there is a wall filled with all the different capsules of the Nespresso coffee!

What's not to love?!

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