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10 Affirmations to Repeat Everyday


With 2021 beginning, we are thinking ahead to this new year and the potential of what is to come. New Year's resolutions and goals are a great way to plan what you hope to manifest this year and what you hope to let go of. One idea is to start each day with affirmations. To tell the truth, we've heard about the benefits of affirmations many times, but starting a new habit can be difficult and seems silly when life gets hectic (aka most of 2020). Still, one of my goals for this new year to begin each day (or as many days as I can) with a morning affirmation.

Setting the goal is the easy part, completing it is the challenge! To make this easier for us (and anyone who wants to hop on the train with us), I found 10 go-to affirmations to begin this habit.

Looking online for inspiration from the affirmation experts, I found several ways to do this ritual. Either repeating the affirmation 10x in the mirror every morning or jotting it down in a journal dedicated to your morning practice seems to work best. Basically, pick the affirmation for the morning from the list below (or one of your own) repeat 10x or write 10x. It's that easy! For me, I'm going to try and meditate for a few minutes after. I already know this affirmation will reduce stress and anxiety for me and allow me to become more mindful and grateful in daily life.

If you join us in this goal, let us know! Email or DM! (would love to know how its working for you!)

Here are 10 affirmations to get started:

  1. I have it within me to solve any challenges that may arise today.

  2. Today, everything will work out. I will move through my day appreciating all things I have. Amazing opportunities will come.

  3. With the first breath I inhale, I am thankful for all my blessings.

  4. I can rise above any situation that may seek to cloud my way.

  5. I have the power to change my story.

  6. I choose to be happy and completely love myself today.

  7. I love myself enough to push through.

  8. I will make every day better than the last one.

  9. I am love, strength and creativity. I allow myself the experience of all the blessings that I deserve. I am whatever it takes and I will succeed.

  10. Today is a day of happiness and peace. I am grounded and centered. I am grateful for my beautiful life that is filled with many blessings.

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